Midnight Blue

18 Aug

Since the Millenium around 2001, the River Thames has acquired a plethora of blue lights along its waterfronts north and south. It doesn’t seem to have been an orchestrated exercise, which makes its growth even more interesting.


I popped down to the Southbank around 0200 the other evening and caught these babies. Peace.


County Hall, once the home of London democracy, now boasting galleries, hotels and an aquarium.


The Shell Centre, a prime example of the Modernist architecture that sprang up along here at the same time as the Royal Festival Hall in the early 1950s.




One Response to “Midnight Blue”

  1. LU Editor 56 August 20, 2012 at GMT+0000 2:56 am #

    Great photos – I’ve noticed quite a few cities globally are starting to use blue instead of the customary orange – not sure why!

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