While The City Sleeps

8 Aug

The beautiful art deco Battersea Power Station, 2am at low tide. Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott who gave us the red telephone box and the Bankside Power Station, now Tate Modern. Also featured on the front cover of the Pink Floyd album, Pigs.

It supplied constant  central heating and hot water harnessed from its cooling system to some housing estates in Pimlico and to the red brick majesty that is Dolphin Square. Looks like they’re getting in on the riverside light show that’s marking the Olympics right along the Thames.


One Response to “While The City Sleeps”

  1. Maeve Wright 27 August 14, 2012 at GMT+0000 2:27 pm #

    And to think…..this used to be your view from your flat!

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